IRF: Crowdfunding for Media Competition in Ukraine


    The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has launched a competition within the framework of the EU4USociety project in cooperation with the European Union Crowdfunding for Media Competition to strengthen media ties with their audiences, forming sustainable communities around the media.

    The Foundation seeks to strengthen the practice of financing significant public initiatives through crowdfunding – raising funds from citizens. The purpose of the competition is to strengthen the links of the media with their audiences, to form stable communities around the media.

    The priority of the competition is to co-finance crowdfunding campaigns and campaigns to attract regular contributions from independent media and content producers.

    The maximum amount that the Fund will co-finance under this initiative is UAH 200,000.


    • The participants of the competition are public organizations, unions, associations, societies and other associations registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation as non-profit or charitable organizations.
    • The same organization cannot claim support in the total amount of more than 60,000 euros during the implementation of the EU4USociety project (2020-2023).
    • The Foundation does not provide grants to political parties, religious communities and individuals.
    • Grant organizations are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the project and evaluating its results, compliance with communication policy and branding of EU projects. Grant recipient organizations will submit reports on the funds provided by the Fund in accordance with the reporting forms in the format specified by the Fund. Mentoring support (if necessary) can also be organized to prepare crowdfunding campaigns.
    • To help the organizations selected in the first stage, the Renaissance Foundation together with partners organizes an online workshop on crowdfunding. The winning organizations of the first stage of the competition and the recipients of grants will also be invited to participate in grant meetings and other events organized by the IRF to network, train and strengthen the organizational capacity of EU4USociety project partners.

    For more information, click here.


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