Call for Proposals for 2021 Social Impact Award (Romania)


    Do you want to follow in the footsteps of social entrepreneurs who have changed the world? If yes, then apply for this 2021 Social Impact Award!

    Social Innovation Solutions launched Edition #10 of the Social Impact Award Romania, part of the international competition that supports young professionals, students and pupils who want to become social entrepreneurs.

    Social Impact Award Romania, 2021 edition, aims to support projects that have a social impact ineducation, health, environment, energy, technology, human rights, etc.The enumeration of these examples of projects is strictly exemplary and not restrictive.

    Within the incubator, the SIA team conducts a series of workshops and events during April-May, on topics such as Idea Generation and Business Modeling, online, with partners from cities such as: Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Constanta, Galati, Craiova, Suceava, Alba-Iulia, Braov, Râmnicu Sarat, Roman and others.

    Deadline: 31-May-21

    The incubation period comes with the necessary resources, so that the young people can develop their idea further. Incubation provides access to:

    • individual mentoring sessions;
    • working methods and tools specific to social entrepreneurship;
    • an international community of young social entrepreneurs;
    • support in understanding priorities and acting in their direction.

    Award Information

    • On October 5, the jury will award prizes of 10,000 euros: 3 prizes of 3,000 euros, to which is added the popularity prize worth 1,000 euros, designated by community vote and scholarships to participate in the Social Impact Award International Summit, since November.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Registration for the Social Impact Award 2021 competition will be declared valid only under the conditions next:

    • The projects address a social purpose.
    • The submitted projects can be both ideas in the initial stage of implementation and in the stage of operation. Projects that are more than 1 year old are not accepted (they have funds assigned and / or sold a product / service and / or established the legal form before 28 February 2020).
    • The project takes place in Romania.
    • The beneficiaries of the registered projects are groups and not a single person.
    • In case of winning the finalist status, availability and involvement in development is required of the project submitted during a minimum of 3 months during June-September 2021 (I can participate one or more team members).


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