EU supports introduction of digital and data solutions to tackle COVID-19

    Integrare Europeană

    The ‘EU4Digital’ initiative has shared a story on its website on how COVID-19 has boosted the introduction of eHealth solutions in the Republic of Moldova.

    The article describes two new data platforms that are now available in Moldova – one helps to assess how the pandemic has been evolving in Moldova and abroad, and the other allows doctors to investigate outbreaks of communicable diseases through the collection of field data.

    The country’s national surveillance system allows healthcare staff to report COVID-19 data to the National Agency for Public Health. This enables Moldova to monitor COVID-19 cases and prevent potential outbreaks.

    In the article, experts agree that these digital solutions have made the work of those directly involved in the fight against COVID-19 much easier.

    In its efforts to bring digital solution to modern healthcare needs Moldova enjoys the support of the European Union, whose EU4Digital initiative contributes to the development of key areas of the digital economy,

    including eHealth. The project supports the development of common guidelines for the roll-out of electronic health services and data management, and for cross-border collaboration on common challenges.


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