EU4Energy introduces new work programmes for Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia

    The ‘EU4Energy Governance’ project has published a new blog post by Svitlana Karpyshyna, Acting Head of the Eastern Partnership Assistance Unit on new country work programmes (May – December 2020) for Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. And what changes will the programmes bring to these countries?

    The main focus in Ukraine will be on oil stocks. The EU4Energy experts will be drafting so-called ‘secondary’ legal acts, such as regulations, forms, manuals, and procedures, that will help Ukraine to manage sufficient oil stocks, thereby ensuring the security of the energy supply. This will also ensure that Ukraine meets its obligations under the Association Agreement.

    In Moldova, the focus will be the electricity market, in particular ‘smart metering’. This will involve undertaking a gap analysis to define the country’s needs, before developing a roadmap and methodology that could allow for the introduction of smart meters. Renewable energies will be also considered and secondary legal acts will be developed to encourage the diversification of energy sources.

    In Georgia, the focus will be the gas market, which is currently underdeveloped, with just two suppliers operating. EU4Energy has helped to design an energy law for Georgia and drafted numerous legal secondary acts. In June, research will begin into the functioning of the gas market. Renewable energies will also be considered, and assistance on drafting secondary legislation based on the recently adopted Law on Renewable Energy Sources will be provided.


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