EU4Business supports free online learning opportunities for Ukrainian businesses

    digital economy

    Since March 2020, Ukrainian entrepreneurs have been able to attend online courses to improve their knowledge and skills. The training sessions are supported by the ‘EU4Business’ initiative.

    The EU and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have launched a number of free e-learning opportunities for Ukrainian businesses, which will run until the end of the lockdown. The sessions are organised by the Business Information Support Centres, which have already adapted 10 of their 40 trainings to online courses.

    Entrepreneurs can also use the new online platform Merezha to find case studies, online events, as well as tips and advice from leading experts in the following areas: marketing, export, certification, lean manufacturing, finance, HR, systematisation of business processes and franchising. So far, over 100 business experts and 700 companies have registered on the platform.


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