EU extends EUR 490 mln grants for clean water and healthcare in 7 Member States


    The European Commission has approved on March 17 an investment package worth over EUR 1.4 billion from EU funds for 14 major infrastructure projects in 7 Member States, namely Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

    The projects cover several key areas, such as environment, health, transport, and energy, for a smarter, low carbon Europe. They represent a massive investment to stimulate the economy, to protect the environment and to improve the quality of life of citizens and social welfare.

    Out of the total, EUR 486.6 mln will ensure access to better drinking water and to the adequate treatment of wastewater, which will benefit over 400,000 people in southwest Romania, as well as the prevention of groundwater contamination in Suceava county, which will benefit 220,000 inhabitants.

    The EU will also invest EUR 47 mln from the European Regional Development Fund to improve the quality and efficiency of health services in the Northeast region of Romania. Due to this investment, which will benefit 90,000 inhabitants, patients will receive high-quality treatment and the number of deaths and long-term disabilities will be reduced.


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