Ten Ukrainian companies to receive European funding for energy-efficient innovations


    Ten Ukrainian companies have been selected by the Innovative Voucher Program, a joint programme of the European Union and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), to develop technologies aiming at increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. The total sum of funding is €400,000.

    Among the recipients of the vouchers were companies developing technologies such as “smart” thermostats, high-speed charging for electric cars, and more efficient biogas systems.

    Johannes Bauer of the EU Delegation in Ukraine underlined that the climate innovation vouchers are an important practical tool for the EU and EBRD to support Ukrainian companies which aim to develop new technologies in the area of sustainable development.

    The new call for applications was announced on 16 January. All interested candidates can apply by 28 February at: www.climate.biz.

    The Innovative Voucher Program is implemented in Ukraine by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) under the FINTECC program. It is financed by the European Union, and the NGO ‘Greencubator’ is in charge of implementation and administration. Within the framework of the Innovative Voucher Program, it is planned to fund around 50 Ukrainian companies that implement innovative technologies.


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